Question and Answer session with Gary Milton from FTX Logistics, around Informal CPD courses.

What courses have you enrolled on with URTU Learning?

  • Conflict management
  • Understanding equality and diversity
  • Principles of leadership and management

Why did you choose the courses that you did?

These seemed more relevant to my current job role, and they also gave me a chance to refresh the knowledge I have gained in the subjects I chose already from completing previous learning courses.

How did you find out about the courses?

A union colleague at work.

What barriers have you faced whilst learning and how have you overcome them?

No real barriers except the occasional loss of internet. The courses were very easy to follow and well structured

What have you discovered about yourself whilst doing the courses?

That you’re never too old to learn. That it’s good to refresh and update your knowledge on subjects you gained qualifications in, over the years.

What was difficult about doing the courses?

I had no difficulties with doing the courses as I could complete them without any outside interference.

What have the benefits been?

The benefits are self-gratification on completion of the course, and having the will power to get back into learning at the age of 48.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about enrolling on one of the CPD courses with URTU?

Allow yourself plenty of time to do course, and for the first course you attempt try and do one that you are comfortable with. This will allow you to navigate the course and get used to its layout, and the extra course material that is provided for you.

If there is anything else you would like to add please feel free to do so. 

Some of the courses I chose to do had duplicate units which gave me the chance to see if what I was learning was actually sinking in. I’m happy to say that it was.