Joe McGuigan has joined the URTU Learning team. He was one of the first Union Representatives to be able to gain his Union Learning Representative (ULR) certificate way back in 1999, whilst he was working for North East Co-Op.

Since 2003 Joe then worked as a TUC Project Worker for over twelve years in the North East, and actively supported projects that recruited and trained other Union Learning Representatives.  Joe also had the privilege of representing the Northern TUC at regional meetings of the National Apprenticeship Service. Alongside this in his time working for the TUC he was also responsible for supporting many Union Learning Fund (ULF) projects, such as URTU Learning is today.

Joe has many other examples of his wide and varied work within the trade union movement and feels that the issue of social inclusion has always been paramount. He has been a passionate advocate for improving everyone’s opportunity to reach their full potential through providing them with accessible lifelong learning.

Most recently he was actively engaged on a Digital Inclusion Taskforce which aimed to address the on-line skills gap, and to provide access to digital resources that are still needed by so many. Covid-19 has gone on to shine a light on this already existing skills gap and has since pushed many more services on-line.

Joe has thankfully joined us at URTU learning bringing along all his experience and knowledge, and with the same ambition of engaging with our employers and partners. This will no doubt help to develop our partnership working and successfully support upskilling of numerous employees. Joe will be happy to support widening participation and improved access to staff vocational skills, as well as individuals’ chances to better their personal knowledge.

To contact Joe directly about workplace support, or how to improve individual skills please contact him through