Question and Answer session with Geoff Goodswen from Wincanton, Magor around Learn My Way.

Learn My Way is a website of free online courses to help people develop their digital skills.

Their website contains over 30 free courses designed to help beginners get started with the online basics – using a mouse, keyboard, setting up email accounts and using internet search engines – while also offering plenty to help people develop their digital skills further.

Q – How did you find out about Learn My Way?

A- I was given a leaflet about LearnMyWay during a training presentation delivered at work by the URTU Learning WULF project.

Q – What computer skills did you have before registering with Learn My Way?

A – Very limited and basic. I used to rely on others for help. My son is very good at computers and he helped to get online and do the courses. He showed me how to go on a search engine and register.

Q – What learning units did you complete?

A – Using your computer or device, Online basics, More internet skills, Online safety, Managing your money online

Q – What impact have the courses had on your life? 

A – They have given me a better understanding of how computers and the internet work. For example, I have learnt how to download apps, especially the banking one. I used to be scared that I would press the wrong button and send money to the wrong place, but now it is easier for me to keep track of my money. It saves me a lot of time as I do not have to go the bank anymore.

Mobile banking is just one of the things I have learnt – having better computer skills is helpful in so many different ways. But most importantly, I do not have to go and bother other people – I can do it myself.

Q – How did you organize your time to fit learning into your life?

A – In my own time, in my own home, with no pressure. I would study for 5-10mins a day, sometimes half an hour, usually before going to bed. It is impossible to make a mistake whilst studying. If you are not sure about something, you just go back and study again.

Q – What would your advice be to those unsure of registering with Learn My Way?

A – If you feel that your digital skills are limited it opens up the possibilities of being able to use digital devices. I got an iPad from my wife, but I was not confident enough to use it and would ask people to do things for me. I was worried I was doing the wrong thing. Once I was shown how to register on Learn My Way, I started studying on my own and learnt so many different computer skills. I used to be a pen and paper guy and I now feel so much more confident. There is nothing to be scared of, if I can do it, anyone can!

Why not try Learn My Way yourself for free by using our registered Online Centre:

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