Our branch at DHL Next Ebbw Vale has recently recruited a Union Learning Representative.

Michael Sullivan came forward to play an active part in his branch and help URTU members in his workplace access learning and training. He is very keen to help members to develop themselves, both personally and professionally.

Michael said:

“I heard about the learning project through URTU and decided to get involved. I have created a WhatsApp group to keep everyone informed of new opportunities and have displayed a list of courses on the URTU notice board in the workplace. I talk to my colleagues about the courses available and if anyone is interested, I ask them to let me know. A number of employees have already shown interest in some of the courses”.

Michael’s manager, Tony Sayer, played an active role in facilitating lifelong learning promotion in the workplace by supporting site visits, distributing information, and planning learning activities around operational demands. He learnt about the project during a meeting with the URTU WULF Project Manager, Agnieszka Zamonski.

Tony said:

“Agnieszka explained and showed me what is available for learning. The WULF project offers some great opportunities for adult learning. We currently have the information on courses on our Union board and a list of courses that can also be accessed through a dedicated website. I have enrolled on some of the courses myself and will be looking to do some more training in the future. Agnieszka is very enthusiastic and keen on keeping in touch with information on what is available”.

After several drivers enquired about Excel training, a course has been organized on-site in partnership with NILC Training.

Agnieszka said:

“It has been great to receive this high level of support for our lifelong learning project. Tony has been very helpful and has shown a great understanding of the need to enable drivers to access learning opportunities. Thanks to  Michael’s involvement as a Union Learning Representative we are on the right path to roll out new learning activities that fit individual and organizational needs”.

Union Learning Reps help members across URTU workplaces to access learning and training opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a Union Learning Representative in your workplace, please contact Agnieszka Zamonski to find out more.