2020 was probably one of the hardest years we have faced in generations, it was a year that has thrown up many personal and work challenges which we will start to see the affect of in this coming year and which none of us could have predicted. There is a light in sight with the rollout of the vaccines which will hopefully see a reduction and maybe an end to the restrictions.  The question we are now faced with is, do we have the much-needed transferable skills to enable job retention or assist us within the jobs market?

There is no doubt that the way in which we have and will work has changed and may still change further; there will be greater reliance on digital technologies and the skills that go with them, stronger communication skills will be needed along with functional skills in math’s and English and digital.  We are already starting to see the gaps in people’s skills to enable them to continue and progress in the workplace, this is where training and education is needed.

As union members in the workplace, you are in a key position to be able to identify these gaps and help yourself and your colleagues in bridging these gaps.  There are different ways you can do this, and your union is here to help and support you, you are not alone in the challenge of bridging those skills gaps.

There are educational providers out there that can support workers in the workplace through functional skills training in English, math’s and digital from entry level through to level 3.  There are also vocational qualifications anyone can do, whilst in work, which can be funded, or part funded through the employer apprenticeship levy. Where you could gain knowledge and skills in warehousing, business administration, team leading and management to name a few.

There is a wide range of fully funded training available; the Skills Network offer a large range of accredited level two courses in over 45 subjects, from team leading, warehousing, customer services, digital skills through to common health conditions, health and nutrition and awareness of mental health problems. 

If you want to brush up or improve your math’s National Numeracy Challenge is designed to help adults improve their math’s skills in a fun and interactive way, or for languages Duolingo offers a wide range of language courses which you can access on your phone and is great for learning on the go.

For union reps the TUC offer a wide range of short eNotes covering subjects to assist you in your role, these range from risk assessments for home workers, facility time awareness, the trade union act through to language support for workers and mentoring to name a few.

With your help we can help support workers remain in work through upskilling and training, as well as providing vital skills training for those entering the jobs market.  We can not do this without you!

Key Links

TUC eNotes – https://www.tuceducation.org.uk/local/enotes/index.php

The Skills Network – https://urtu.theskillsnetwork.com/

The National Numeracy Challenge – https://www.nnchallenge.org.uk/?partner_code=urtu1

DuoLingo – https://www.duolingo.com/