Due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions, we are having to find different ways to connect with people and delivery of training is one of these ways.  Where traditionally courses would be held in a classroom, URTU Learning are now embracing digital technologies and testing delivering a range of workshops online.  This allows greater attendance as the traveling time is cut and the cost to attend is eliminated.

One of the workshops we hosted online was ‘Resilience Training’. I had never thought of personal resilience as being something that you could learn or even develop. I believed that some people were resilient, and some people not so much.  So a workshop around building personal resilience intrigued me, I wanted to see what this entailed so I signed up to the first of two workshops.  To be honest at this point I was skeptical about the entire thing, I imagined that we would all be made to sit crossed legged giving up our most inners secrets singing Kumbaya.

When the workshop started the reality was a surprisingly long way from my imagined thoughts, in a good way. It was not long before I realized just how helpful and beneficial this workshop was turning out to be.

Essentially what the workshop does is look at how we react to the ever-changing challenges life throws up, and there are a lot of these now, and probably many more to follow.  Examining how we react to those challenges, and why we react in certain ways goes a long way to explain how by making small changes we be aware of our emotions. We can instead face these challenges in a positive way which is beneficial for both our mental and physical health.

All workshop participants agreed that they had found it extremely useful, and it would not only help them, but would also enable them to help others. They also felt that this was something that they could develop further themselves.

Personally, I found the workshop greatly beneficial, it helped me to understanding why I react to situations the way I do, and how building up resilience can help me change those reactions in a positive way. I would say this workshop is a must and it will help you more than you realize.

Due to the success of this workshop URTU Learning are hosting a second workshop on the 3rd February, click on the following link to book your place.