As part of Diabetes Awarness Week, we have interviewed Mark Ireland who is a driver at Wincantons Magor.

I did a Level 2 distance learning course in Diabetes Management. I found out about the course through the WULF URTU Learning project worker visiting my workplace at Wincanton Magor. The project worker was offering financial assistance with the funding of courses and I was looking for a course to show myself, and my colleagues, that an old dog could indeed learn new tricks.

The main thing that I learned is that I was wrong about how I felt about being diabetic. I always thought I suffered with diabetes, but the course showed me that I actually live with diabetes. I also learned a lot about diabetes such as what can cause it and how many types of diabetes there are.

In order to complete the course and receive a certificate, I had to study and submit assignments. I managed my time at home better to allow me to keep to the strict timeline set by the tutors and I liked this as it didn’t allow me to slack off. While keeping up to date with the course was enjoyable, it was also challenging when I had a long shift or a bad day. But I knew I had to get it done.

I would whole heartedly recommend this, or any course offered by the URTU Learning Team so much that I am now doing a photography course.

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