The awards evening was in recognition for the partnership developed to support learners at the Clipper Logistics site in Ollerton. This included the company providing learners time to attend the courses and helping learners through their initial stages.

Left to right; Paul Shaw – General Manager and Stacey Slater – Human Resources Manager at Clipper Logistics, Ollerton. Paula Rowland Managing Director at Axia Solutions, Debbie Shaw Operations Manager Clipper Logistics, Simon Walker Project Worker for URTU Learning, James Burton – Operations Manager at Clipper Logistics.

Simon Walker the URTU Learning project worker said, “the story of learning at Clipper Ollerton started back in October of last year when we held initial meetings with our ULR Damien Gill and the HR Manager Stacey Slater, during those initial meetings we first recognized the need for English and Math’s skills at their site”.

URTU Learning then introduced the skills provider Axia Solutions, and this led to several students having their skills levels assessed which then progressed to classes beginning in January. Simon Walker also commented, “the commitment of the learners was outstanding and with the expertise of the tutor and the support of the company it resulted in a 94% success rate”.

He continued by saying, “the celebration event itself was a very vibrant event with many young people achieving awards, in many cases overcoming personal difficulties and barriers along the way, in the case of Clipper Ollerton the students worked exceptionally hard to achieve their qualifications in English”.

Jeff Latham the URTU Learning project manager said, “this award also demonstrates what can be achieved when the employer works in partnership with our Trade Union and a skills provider like Axia, we look forward to working further with this and other Clipper Logistics sites in the future”.