Steve Gardner is a driver at Warburtons and he has been studying toward a Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism. Here is his story.

“I found out about the course through a conversation with Agnieszka from URTU. We discussed the various courses available through the WULF project, and several appealed to me.  The Certificate in Understanding Autism stood out as I have family members who are on the autism spectrum so this was quite a personal choice for me.

I had a general awareness of autism through experiences both at home and further afield. However, this course has taught me an incredible amount and has really opened up my eyes.

Getting back into studying was daunting at first.  It was over 30 years ago at the university I last studied, so it was challenging initially. The enrolment process was simple and straightforward.

I lead quite a busy life with both home and work, but also through one fault of mine: I have too many hobbies!  On top of this, I had a few DIY disasters I had to deal with whilst scheduling my studies.

However, the course is structured with a very generous amount of time allocated to each module, so there were no real issues with fitting the studies into my daily life.

There were many benefits of doing the course. Obviously, the subject being interesting to me was important. The actual learning was made easy and understandable and the fact it was online was a bonus, where I could pick up/put down whenever appropriate.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about autism. I would be very keen to enrol on another course as this could be beneficial if I ever decide to change employment when I (semi) retire”.

Steve has enjoyed the course so much that he decided to write a song about it:

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