The Wales Union Learning Fund (WULF) through URTU Learning has financially supported Leighton Thomas with
training on the Transport Manager CPC course which he did online through MD Training UK.   Leighton spoke about his URTU Learning Project Worker (Agnieszka Zamonski) and explained, “I am thankful for her assistance in obtaining this funding.   Biffa have now committed to paying for the 3-week intensive, practical CPC Managers Course”.

During his next performance review Leighton discussed progression with his manager and they have also arranged for Biffa to pay for some practical training through ‘Commercial Operator Training Solutions’ which is based in Swansea. Biffa then also paid for the exam to
further support him in his studies. Leighton adds “this is in addition to a Management Progression Training Course and they have also committed to enrolling me on a more advanced Management Training Program”.

Leighton commented on this by saying, “this is a great contribution on their part. They financial contributed 100% for the extra training course, and they also supporting me in the practical and classroom-based aspects of the training for the Course”. He went onto say “thank you for all the support you and the WULF project have provided, once I have completed the Transport Manager CPC I will be getting back in touch regarding further training, as I am interested in furthering my skills in Transport Management”.

Biffa’s Health and Wellbeing Manager, Russell Turner, commented on Leighton’s learning journey and said, “It’s great to hear this story, and we will be using it on our own internal website and employee app to promote the benefits of lifelong learning”.

Jeff Latham the WULF Project Manager said, “this just goes to show that given the opportunities and support provided by the WULF project in partnership with the employer we can support development and progression onto bigger and better things. I can’t wait to see where Leighton ends up with his newfound confidence and skills”.

URTU Learning have a lot of opportunities like this which are open to nearly everyone and can be found on our dedicated website You can also keep up with us on Twitter @urtulearning