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There are lots of website out there to help you improve your skills in, English, Maths and ICT.  The URTU Learning Project has found the range of sites that can equip people with skills in these area, and you will find them all in this section.


With out good maths people could struggle, understanding bills, saving money on their household services or helping their children with their homework.  The following website can help you improve your maths skills, they allow you to learn at your own pace.


English is a vital skill people need, it can help you understand Health & Safety notices, rotas and time sheets,  and standard operation procedures.  the following website can help you brush up on your English skills, you may find that reading can be enjoyable.


With the ever increase of digital devises used in the workplace and many services moving online.  It is vital that people have the skills and knowledge to be able to use and access these resources.  The following website can assist people in gaining the skills they will need.


ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages. It differs from straightforward adult English because it is specifically aimed at people who don’t have English as their first language, so they have different learning needs.  These websites can help people gain these skills.

Trade Union Learning

All trade union reps need knowledge and skills to be able to carry out their roles.  As well as attending trade union courses such as Basic and Advanced Shop Steward, Basic and Advanced Health & Safety and Union Learning Reps courses.  Below are links to websites that can help you build on the this knowledge and keep your skills up to date.

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  1. Making it happen for shift workers at Stone

    Facing up to possible site closures and redundancies is never easy. The XPO site in Stone is facing potential closure in early 2019.  Experienced URTU ULR Jim Thomas knew that many of his fellow workmates could face uncertain futures without support to help them face a changing job market.    Jim...
  2. Love to Learn

    The URTU Learning Project is celebrating the success of its alliance with Leicester College which brings learners, like you, free distance learning courses.  Since 2013 URTU Learning has enrolled over 100 learners onto these vocational courses, with more than 10% of these going on to undertake further courses.

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