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World Book Night is an annual event that celebrates the reading of books.  It takes place on the 23rd April each year and has been going since 2011.

World Book Night wants to inspire more people to read, and does this by bringing together a range of people from publishers, distributors, libraries, booksellers and private donors.  Thousands of volunteers each year share their love of reading by handing out books to people who would not normally read, they do this within their communities or by running an event to promote the evening.



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This is very much something that anyone can get involved in.  You certainly don’t have to have read War and Peace to share your experiences of why you love to read.  In fact – the more you can debunk the idea that only clever or serious people enjoy books worth reading the better! Many people who think that books are a world away just haven’t found the right books for them.   If you enjoy reading books on your hobbies or written by your favourite sporting or media celebrities, share this with your workmates and communities.  They are far more likely to be hooked in this way than by feeling that they need to read the “right” books.

ULRs are ideally placed to have conversations with people about reading – most people who don’t read a great deal usually do read something and showing what a marvellous range of books exist can be a real eye opener. The best way to inspire people is to find out what their interests are…..they may well not realise there are lots of books out there to help them take those interests further.

To find out how to get involved or to find an event in your area, visit the World Book Night website

If you have run an event, or been a recipient of a book, we would love to hear your story, so we can promote the good work you are doing on our community blog page, just fill in the following form




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