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Your role as a Shop Steward and/or a Health & Safety Representatives plays a vital part within your union by supporting your members in the workplace.

Your union runs training courses to support you as an elected official in your roles as a Shop Steward and/or Health or Safety Representative.  This enables you as an elected official to receive the training and support required for you to undertake and carry out your role.

To find out more about these courses and to book your place, please call Claire O’Brien on 0161 486 2108.  Included on this page is a full breakdown of what each course will now offer.



Shop Steward

This course has been designed to explain and equip URTU Shop Stewards in their role and to develop and improve their skills and knowledge.  The course identifies ways in which improvements can be implemented to make the Union more effective at a local level.

Course Aims for Basic Shop Steward:

  • Ensure you understand your role within the Union and your responsibilities toward the members
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Give you a clearer understanding of relevant legislation
  • Consolidate your negotiating skills
  • Give you an understanding of the importance of recruitment and retention
  • Develop your recruitment skills
  • Increase your confidence as a Shop Steward


Course Aims for Advanced Shop Steward:

  • Ensure you enhance your Shop Steward skills
  • Develop your knowledge of Discipline & Grievance procedures
  • Develop your knowledge of Collective Consultation and TUPE
  • Improve your negotiating skills
  • Develop your understanding of the UK legal system
  • Gain an understanding of Employment law updates
  • Develop your understanding of the working time regulations

Basic Shop Steward

17 – 21 September 2018

14 – 18 January 2019

Advanced Shop Steward

30 April – 4 May 2018

11 – 15 June 2018

8 – 12 April 2019

3 – 7 June 2019

Health & Safety Representative

This course has been designed to explain and equip URTU Health & Safety Representatives in their role and enable them to gain knowledge of the job and the trade union approach to health and safety.

Course Aims for Basic Health & Safety:

  • Ensure you can handle Health & Safety issues and develop an appropriate response to both members and management
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the updated safety representatives and safety committees (SRSC) regulations
  • Ensure you know how to conduct effective workplace inspections, including all accidents and near misses
  • Develop your skills to identify obtain, order and summarise relevant health and safety information.

Course Aims for Advanced Health & Safety:

  • Ensure you enhance your health and safety skills
  • Demonstrate your knowledge to enable you to function in a professional and
  • confident manner within the confines of health and safety legislation
  • Develop your understanding of current European health and safety legislation
  • Develop your understanding of the constituent parts of the major pieces of this
  • legislation
  • Develop your understanding

Basic Health & Safety

15 – 19 October 2018

Advanced Health & Safety

14 – 18 May 2018

13 – 17 May 2019


Union Learning Rep (ULR’s)

This course has been designed to explain and equip URTU ULR’s in their role and to develop and improve their skills and knowledge.  The course identifies ways in which improvements can be implemented to make the Union more effective at a local level.

 Course Aims for ULR Stage One course:

  • Help you to understand the role of the workplace union learning representative, legal framework and how your role fits into the Trade Union structure.
  • Develop your skills and confidence in giving information advice and guidance to learners and the skills you need to become an effective Union
  • Learning Representative.
  • Help you develop practical strategies to promote the role in your workplace or community.
  • Develop methods of working with local and national education providers, including working with other trade unions.
  • Understanding learner’s needs and any barriers to learning.
  • Develop skills to support and encourage members
  • who want to progress or develop new skills.


Course Aims for ULR Stage Two Course:

  • Undertake the role of a competent ULR, including taking an active part in meetings.
  • Understand and learn how to produce and structure a quality learning agreement.
  • Further develop your skills in negotiating with education providers or workplace management to provide learning opportunities and resources.
  • Continue to develop and organise in the workplace around learning issues.
  • Understand ways of assessing learning needs.
  • Further developing of skills and knowledge about specific aspects of learning, equalities and how to support learners.
  • Build knowledge and skills on specific learning interests to your workplace and the context of URTU agreements.
  • Assess information on educational opportunities.

 ULR Stage One

3 – 7 September 2018

ULR Stage Two

4 – 8 February 2019

Training Courses

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