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What is resilience?

With Stress in the workplace being the biggest reason for staff absenteeism the ability to be resilient is a useful tool for any employee.  The root cause of stress is usually a direct or indirect attack or challenge to our core values.  Developing resilience is a personal attitude to life which helps combat stress triggers and helps us emerge strongly from challenging and adverse situations.  It is also strongly linked to improved overall health and wellbeing. “Resilience is the ability to consciously come back from adversity, rather than just bounce back”. The quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever!








Resilience can be a useful strategy to manage stressful scenarios in the workplace, and in life generally.  It has been developed as a part of the positive psychology field.  Psychological resilience plans can be developed, and there are training courses available that you could attend.

Some of the factors that build resilience are developing a positive attitude, regulating emotional ups and downs and viewing setbacks as something to learn from and move on positively from. Some key steps include:

* Knowing yourself and developing confidence in your strengths and weaknesses as well as recognising the values you hold dear

* Recognising your own values, and stress triggers

*Recognising emotional and Physical symptoms

* Developing behaviours to deal with stress events

* Positive action planning and setting realistic goals

Symptoms of Stress can often be both physical as well as emotional.  Here are some symptoms you may recognise, but you may identify others too.




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There are also plenty of tips and information on developing resilience on this part of the URTU website. If you are interested in finding out more, and also whether your employers would support workplace training, please get in touch with your URTU Learning team.

You can do a quiz to test your resilience and see the area’s you need to improve in

There are also a viarty of clips you can watch, below are just a couple of these but to find more TED talks visitTED Talks

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