Quick Reads


What are Quick Reads?

1 in 6 adults of working age in the UK find reading difficult and may never pick up a book.  People’s reasons for not reading are varied but are often based in fear. Some people say they find books scary and intimidating, thinking they are ‘not for them’ or that books are difficult or boring.

Quick Reads sets out to challenge these beliefs and to show that books and reading can be for everyone. Each year the Reading Agency commission big household name authors from a variety of backgrounds such as Andy McNab or Maeve Binchy to write short books that are specifically designed to be easy to read.  They are the same as mainstream books in every respect but are simply shorter, and easier to tackle, for adults who are less confident in their reading skills. The winning formula is that the books are well written, have great story lines and plots to grip the reader. The books cover all interest ranges, and are designed to hook in new readers whatever their previous experiences of reading. The books are then sold through major retailers, online booksellers and are also loaned from libraries.

Quick Reads is making real, lasting changes to people’s lives.  Since 2006 they have distributed over 4.5 million books, and registered 3 million library loans. Through outreach work, such as URTU Learning’s project, hundreds of thousands of new readers each year, often in some of the hardest to reach communities, are introduced to the joys and benefits of reading Quick Reads. The partnership with URTU’s Union Learning Representative’s is a unique collaboration and we are very grateful for the support of everyone involved.






Where to get your Quick Reads


Quick Reads are sold in bookshops throughout the UK and Ireland at only £1.00 each (r.r.p) and there are many ways to buy them.


To get people involved you can also do the Six Book Challenge

Quick Reads presents An Open Book, a short film that celebrates the power of reading


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