Question and Answer Session with Laura Haughey

Laura Haughey is the Safety Rep and ULR at Warburton Bicester, I first met Laura when I was teaching the URTU Health & Safety stage one course at Ruskin College. I noticed how enthusiastic Laura was on the course and how she had a thirst for further knowledge, I was therefore delighted when I joined the URTU learning project as a project worker and discovered that Laura had taken up the role of ULR at Bicester. I have since met with Laura on several different occasions at Bicester and Eastwood where she attends the Eastwood Bicester and Thetford learning committee, you will see from the case study below that Laura is as committed as ever to workplace learning and the role of ULR.

 When did you become a ULR?

I became a ULR last year after I had completed my health and safety course.

What made you want to become a ULR?

Whilst I was on my health and safety course the tutor told us about the role of the ULR and due to previously being involved in education when I worked at a college I thought I would like to get involved in this. This would allow me to promote learning in the workplace and support my colleagues.

What barriers have you come across in your role as ULR?

Some people think they are too old to learn or don’t see the need to learn something new’ others struggle with time due to home life and work commitments.

What have you manged to achieve so far?

I have set up a small learning centre on site, which includes a book club. I have created a questionnaire around learning needs for people to complete and from this I have managed to sign a learner up on an online course.

What are your goals both personally and for the workplace in relation to learning?

I would like to improve the attitude towards learning and provide more information to work colleagues. I would also like to help the business to provide learning


What support have you received from URTU, the members and your employer?

Simon Walker URTU Learning Project Worker, has provided me with lots of information and support and help introduce me to local colleges and providers. I have been provided with books for my book club.  The Employer is accepting the concept of learning at the moment but are struggling to commit to time for people to complete learning.
Some members are struggling to see a need at the moment but I hope to change their views with an open day to provide more information

What would you like to see URTU do in relation to learning in the future?

 Not sure at the moment as still finding my feet within the roll. However I would like to see if English, maths and IT could be provided on one to one basis maybe via Skype this would help members who are struggling to find time to attend courses due to one thing or another.

What do you see as your greatest achievement so far?

My biggest achievement so far is getting my HND in equine management. I found that being in the education system was great and I love learning so this is why I would like to help others to gain more skills and qualifications.



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