National Awareness Days


There are loads of National Awareness days, weeks and months. This page will give you some information regarding just some of the topics and some helpful links.

There is a distinction to be made between national days and awareness days.  Usually awareness days are health related, and help raise awareness of cancers and illnesses, and also around these days charities collect money.  And we mustn’t forget all the international days that take place each year.  Their purpose is to raise awareness of important humanitarian, cultural, social and political issues around the world.

Awareness days are both serious and great fun.  They can be about supporting a charity and cover diverse subjects, World Aids Day, National Infertility Awareness Week and International Blood Cancer Awareness Month.  The fun side is, for example, a sponsored walk with your friends to raise money for your chosen charity.

Below is a list of just some of the National Awareness days, for a full list please visit the National Awareness website, the national awareness website will also let you know when and how to take part in these types of activities, as well as giving you some history regarding the event.



National Story Telling Week, 30th Jan – 6 Freb

National Storytelling Week – Everyone loves narrative and storytelling – it’s something about a story’s beginning, middle and end that makes us feel more of a completeness and understanding of our own lives.   As a writer I’m never happier than when I’ve composed a story and found someone who enjoys reading it!……Read More 




Safer Internet Day, 9th February

 So when is Safer Internet DayWell, the day, which has been organised by Insafe since 2005 will be held on 9 February.  The purpose of this awareness day promotes safe and responsible use of the internet, the week aims to teach young people about how to keep themselves safe online.  And, of course, the use of the internet in a safe and responsible way is paramount! ……Read More



World Book Day, 3rd March 

World Book Day now that’s my idea of the perfect awareness day!  I love to read and that love is shared by people all over the planet.   The main idea is to encourage children to start enjoying reading at an early age, so that they carry on this enjoyment into adulthood!.Read More


Stress Awareness Month

Throughout April it is Stress Awareness Month in the USA – time to deal with your stress, learn how to cope with stress and help make yourself feel better.

The event was first observed in 1992 and this year this special month will again see health care professionals come together to raise awareness of the real health problems stress can cause and how to banish it…….

Read More 


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