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We are able to bring you a wide range of different learning options for people living in Wales.

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There is a range of free short courses in a selection of themes subject to T&C’s

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A wide range of courses leading to a level 2 qualification, subject to T&C’s

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We can bring learning opportunities to both workplaces and the wider community

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About URTU Learning in Wales

URTU Learning is ideally situated in Wales to support the development of a skilled and productive workforce through its ‘Lifelong Learning’ project. This is completely funded by the Welsh Government and supported by the Welsh TUC. 

 URTU members can face multiple barriers to accessing educational opportunities as they work long shifts, unsociable hours and can have a poor culture of workplace learning.  URTU reps are therefore best placed to inform, guide, mentor and monitor the quality of any skills training provision especially to existing staff and those just entering into work.

 URTU Learning will continue to develop new and progressive bespoke skills assessments, training and learning opportunities for all workers, employees, and their wider communities.

Agnieszka Zamonski

Project Worker for Wales



What is Zoom?

In this rapidly changing world, more and more things are moving online, chatting with friends, colleagues, prospective clients is no different.

Zoom is an online platform that enables you to do just this and a lot more.

We have complied a set of short videos which uncovers some of the mysteries around this, they cover the following areas:

  • Overview
  • Format, plans and purpose
  • Features and benefits
  • Tech and hardware requirements
  • Audio and video settings
  • Getting started
  • How to set up and host a meeting
  • Etiquette and best practice
  • Security and Data Protection
  • Zoom fatigue
  • Top tips

Click on the link below to register your interest, you will then be given access to these free bespoke videos.


We have teamed up with a number of short course providers to bring you free accredited level 2 courses.  There is a wide range of subjects that you can do from home in 8 – 12 weeks, with all the resourses provided.
The courses are free while stocks last.

Health and Social Care

Awareness of Bullying in Children and Young People

This course aims to increase awareness of the types of bullying that can occur, what factors can create a bully, the legislation surrounding bullying, and how to help an individual who is being bullied.

Behaviour that Challenges in Children

This course will equip learners with a detailed understanding of behaviour that challenges in children, including how such behaviour can be assessed and the avoidance techniques

Introducing Caring for Children and Young People

There are many factors that can impact on children and young people at different stages of their development. It is important to understand what these factors are, as well as the ways in which children and young people’s development .

Understanding Children and Young People's Mental Health

This course will equip learners with a detailed understanding of mental health conditions including
depression and anxiety, the legislation and guidance surrounding mental health

Improving Service User Experience in Health and Social Care

This course will equip learners with a detailed understanding of customer service in health and social care, effective communication and team work in health and social care settings

Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care

This course prepares you for any role within adult social care, in order to ensure the needs of vulnerable people continue to be met

Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities

This qualification will provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of issues surrounding different types of learning disabilities and how these affect individuals in their daily lives

Principles of Care Planning

This qualification will allow you to understand your role in supporting the preferences and needs of individuals in relation to their care and support

Principles of End of Life Care

If you work in or want to work in the healthcare sector or need to care for a loved one during this difficult time, this course is the perfect place to start and will help you provide quality end of life care

Principles of Dementia Care

UnderThe knowledge you will gain from this course could help you care for a friend or relative with dementia and enhance your understanding of their needs and behaviour

Principles of the Prevention and Control of Infection in Health Care Settings

Taking this course can help tackle the outbreak of infection in hospitals and healthcare settings by helping you understand the causes and spread of infection and how you can help to control it

Understanding Autism

Throughout this qualification, you will gain an understanding of the spectrum of autistic disorders and how they can affect people in a variety of ways

Understanding Behaviour that Challenges

This course will equip learners with a detailed understanding of behaviour that challenges, including how to support positive behaviour

Understanding Dignity and Safeguarding in Adult Health and Social Care

This qualification will provide you with a thorough understanding of the importance of dignity and safeguarding, which could help reduce these shocking statistics

Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties

By completing the course, learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties

Understanding the Safe Handling of Medication in Health and Social Care

By completing this course, you will  improve your knowledge and skills in the handling of medication in health and social care

Allergy Awareness

The course is suitable for a wide range of learners who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of allergies.

Principles of the Mental Health Care Worker

This course will equip learners with a detailed understanding of mental health and mental health issues

Personal Development

Principles of Business Administration

This qualification provides you with a thorough understanding of all the aspects of a business administration role

Principles of Customer Services

This course is suitable for anyone who is interested in customer service, and those who are hoping for career progression or employment opportunities in the customer service industry

Principles of Team Leading

This course will develop and improve your practical skills in order to become a successful team leader and improve the morale within a workplace

Lean Organisation Management Techniques

This course will equip learners with a detailed understanding of the lean management system and how to implement business improvement techniques and employ effective team work in a business

Counselling Skills

This qualification focusses on key counselling skills to enable you to provide support wherever it is required

Information, Advice or Guidance

This course aims to equip you with the practical skills needed to successfully convey information, advice or guidance in a wide range of situations and sectors

Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events

Learners will develop an in depth knowledge and understanding of the key concepts which underpin spectator control, crowd monitoring, communication at events, safeguarding and health and safety

Equality and Diversity

This qualification promotes social awareness and good practice of equality and diversity within a community, at work, at home and in society in general

IT User Skills

This qualification would be ideal for anyone who would like to develop their knowledge, understanding and competence in a range of different IT skills

Principles for Digital Skills

This course will equip learners with an understanding and knowledge of the digital skills needed to search and apply for employment, including an awareness of finding and managing relevant and good quality information

Health and Well-being

Understanding Common Childhood Illnesses

This course will equip learners with a strong understanding of common childhood illnesses, including how to provide a safe and healthy environment for babies and young children

Awareness of Mental Health Problems

Anyone who works around people with mental health problems needs to understand each condition fully

Common Health Conditions

By completing this course you will gain an awareness of the signs, symptoms and treatments available for a variety of common health conditions

Falls Prevention Awareness

This course will equip learners with a detailed understanding of the impact and consequences of a fall, the risks and hazards that could result in a fall, and how to prevent or reduce the risk of falls

Understanding the Care and Management of Diabetes

By completing this course, you will not only gain a nationally recognised qualification, but will also improve your understanding of the different forms

Improving Personal Exercise, Health and Nutrition

This course will equip learners with a detailed understanding of the concepts of health and well-being, including basic anatomy and physiology

Understanding Nutrition and Health

This nationally recognised qualification explores influential factors such as the principles of healthy eating and weight management

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