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Good health and wellbeing in the workplace is important for both the employee and employer. There are benefits for both employer and employee why it is important to look after the health and wellbeing of the workforce, whether it be drivers, warehouse operatives or management.

For the employee, a safe, healthy working environment can: 

* Increase self-esteem and sense of wellbeing

* Improve staff morale

* Increase productivity levels and greater engagement between staff

* Increase job satisfaction

* Reduce stress and reduced absences due to physical or mental illness/injury

* Improve physical health and mental health

* Increase skills and desire to develop



And for the employer, can: 

* Provide a framework for a well-managed health and safety programme

* Reduce staff turnover which reduces ongoing costs associated with recruitment and training

* Reduce levels of sickness absence resulting in improved productivity and a drop in additional costs associated with capacity shortage issues such as costs of temporary cover/training, missed deliveries/contracts and related reputational damage, reductions of morale/productivity of remaining team

* Increase engagement between all levels of the organisation promoting a greater sense of inclusion and idea-sharing

* Reduce health care costs associated with sick pay and insurance claims

* Reduce risk of facing litigation and tribunals or fines due to increased level of compliance

* Help towards the organisation’s corporate social responsibility

* Increase opportunities to expand business base through achievement of industry specific accreditations and awards.

We have created the following pages which cover some of the area’s which could affect your health and wellbeing. Within these pages is information on the issue, causes and links to organisation who can assist people in these areas.

There are also downloadable resources for these areas such as ACAS Health-work-and-wellbeing-accessible-version and the Department of Work and Pensions Health and Wellbeing at work for employers

The TUC Young Workers Forum have commissioned a young workers guide to mental health, in recognition of the increasing

number of young workers who have reported experiencing mental health problems.
The guide provides information on supporting individuals with mental health issues in the workplace and the practical steps that can be taken by trade union reps and employers to promote a healthy workplace.

Mental Health at Work – A Young Worker’s Guide




below are some further useful links:


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