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The URTU Learning Project, would love you to get more involved in the project and promoting education in the workplace. Within these pages are ways you can do this, by taking part in the competitions the project run, or by becoming a member of the union if you are not already. We would also like to hear about your achievements, this may be passing a course, learning a new skill or setting up a reading group in your workplace, so we can tell everyone about them.

Listed below are the pages you will find in this section and a brief description.

Benefits of the Union – Find out how being a member of the union can benefit you, this page informs you of the benefits they offer which include representation and sickness benefit to name a few.

Competitions and puzzles – The project run regular competitions to show fun ways of learning.

How to become a Digital Champion – Within this page is information of how to become a digital champion and how this can not only benefit yourself but your friends and colleagues.

Project news – You can read about the lasted new and stories form the URTU Learning project.

Tell us about your achievements – If you have an event coming up, or an achievement in the workplace such as setting up a reading group and you would like to tell us about it

URTU Learning Newsletter – within this page you will be able to read all the newsletters the project has sent out, and sign up to receive future ones.

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