Free Assessment


Skill Check is an free and easy way to complete an initial assessment in either, Math’s, English or ICT (Information Communication Technology).

At the end of each assessment you will be informed of your score and given useful advice on further learning tools.


Getting started

New learners will need to register to use the tool, following the five simple steps.

Step 1. Select Register

Step 2. Enter your contact details

Step 3. Select non-unionlearn from the drop down list

Step 4. Select a URTU from the drop down list of unions

Step 5. Select your region from the drop down list

Step 6. Enter your postcode and employers name

Step 7. tick the terms and conditions box and press register.

You have now completed the enrollment process and can start your assessments.

User details and results are stored in a secure environment that can only be accessed by union administrators and members of the relevant unionlearn team.

Available on other platforms

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