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What’s the URTU Learning Project about?

URTU Learning has been created by the United Road Transport Union (URTU) and funded by unionlearn which is part of the TUC. The projects mission is to assist and guide every individual in all aspects of learning to unlock their potential.

The URTU Learning project aims are to visit workplaces and communities across England to promote learning and support learners. The project could not do this alone, so we rely on Union Learning Representatives (ULR’s) to help us promote education within their workplace. They are able to offer free information and advice to learners, as well as guiding them with their educational journey.

ULR’s are union members who volunteer for the role and they are fully trained and supported by the union to carry out their position. They do this by attending accredited union training courses at college. To find out more about the role go to the “Union Learning Representative” page within this website.

We have created the URTU Learning website to assist all learners and to help the URTU promote the project. Within the site you will find a wealth of information and resources in the following areas:

  • Courses England – Information on free courses and apprenticeships available to learners in England.
  • Functional Skills – Information on what these are, and websites you can visit to brush up your skills.


What next?

If you want to find out more about the project and how it could help you or your workplace speak to your ULR if your site has one, or contact a member of the Project Team. You can find out about our Project Team and how to contact them by visiting the ‘Meet the Team’ page. The team are here to support and develop your skills and training opportunities through free courses and union education events.

The URTU Learning team can help you develop a partnership with your employer in:

  • Supporting ULRs in the workplace and encouraging employees to get involved with the learning agenda.
  • Breaking down barriers which could include time off; access; discrimination; unsupportive managers; shift work; isolation or screening for Dyslexia.
  • Developing individual courses with support from educational provider partnerships to help support learner needs

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“URTU representatives, and the URTU Learning Project Team, can help create an environment for learning and progression, within the workplace, especially with the full and strong support from the dedicated and highly experienced URTU team”. Jeff Latham – URTU Project Manager

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