When people are feeling in low spirits or sad about parts of their life they use the term ‘I’m feeling depressed’, these feeling tend to pass quite.

Sometimes these can come back and stay for longer periods of time, and could start to have an impact on your daily routine.  This could be a sign of depression in the medical sense.

Depression in its mildest form can be that a person is in a low mood, this will not necessarily impact on a person’s life, but could make daily tasks seem harder.   In its most severe form known as clinical depression, this will have an impact on a person’s life, it could make them feel useless, unworthy and could even lead to them thinking of harming themselves.   For full details regarding depression please visit NHS choices or visit your local practitioner.





Here is a self help guide to depression: DepressionSelfHelp

Below is a list of some of the symptoms associated with depression



My feelings

* I am low-spirited for much of the time, every day

* I feel restless and agitated

* I get tearful easily

* I feel numb, empty and full of despair

* I feel isolated and unable to relate to other people

* I am unusually irritable or impatient

* I find no pleasure in life or things I usually enjoy

* I feel helpless


My behaviour

* I’m not doing activities I usually enjoy

* I am avoiding social events I usually enjoy

* I have cut myself off from others and can’t ask for help

* I am self-harming

* I find it difficult to speak



Finding out that you have depression is just the first step, you need to know how to manage it and understand it.  There are loads of charities and organisation that specialise in depression and we have listed a few of these below.

My thoughts

* I am having difficulty remembering things

* I find it hard to concentrate or make decisions

* I blame myself a lot and feel guilty about things

* I have no self-confidence or self-esteem

* I am having a lot of negative thoughts

* The future seems bleak

* What’s the point?

* I have been thinking about suicide


My physical symptoms

* I have difficulty sleeping

* I am sleeping much more than usual

* I feel tired and have no energy

* I have lost my appetite, and am losing weight

* I am eating a lot more than usual and putting on weight

* I have physical aches and pains with no obvious physical cause

* I am moving very slowly

* I am using more tobacco, alcohol or other drugs than usual



Mind – Is a Charity to help and support people with mental health issues

IOSH – Is a Charted body for Health & Safety Professionals


Time to Change

Action on Depression




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