URTU Learning supports trade unions in accessing skills and lifelong learning opportunities for their members, families and friends that will contribute to collective prosperity, fairness and equality, for workers across the UK.

Lifelong learning is built up on the sections below.

Functional Skills (Math’s, English and ICT)

“Functional Skills” describes a wide range of skills that are required in the workplace and at home. These are literacy, numeracy, basic IT skills and digital skills.  Some examples of which these skills can be used for are;

  • Completing rotas and timesheets
  • Reading customer orders
  • Understanding house hold bills
  • Helping kids with their homework
  • Writing letters
  • Understanding instructions

Digital Skills

There are around six million adults in the UK who lack basic digital skills. Yet around 90% of all jobs now require people to have digital skills, it is also estimated that 35% of current jobs in the UK could involve automation over the next 20 years.

With this in mind Digital skills has become an essential element of the Functional Skills programme.  The URTU Learning project, aims to raise awareness of digital skills through Learn My Way.  Learn My Way offers a range of beginner courses to equip people with the skills they need to use a computer and access online services.  The URTU Learning Project has mobile learning centres which they can bring into workplaces to run digital taster sessions.

Adult Apprenticeships

Modern adult apprenticeship qualifications play an important role in equipping employees with employment skills and experience. It is essential that these courses are of a high quality and lead to industry-recognised qualifications.

Trade union engagement with adult apprenticeship qualifications is key. Unions will play a vital role in the development and review of the qualification standards. They also encourage employers to engage with adult apprenticeships, to offer good terms and conditions, equal pay rates and a safe working environment for apprentices.

Distance Learning

The above fully accredited Level 2 courses are available FREE to all learners, including non-members, who are aged 19 and over who have lived in the EU for the past 3 years.

  • Awareness of mental health problems
  • Business Administration knowledge
  • Nutrition and health
  • Team leader knowledge
  • Understanding the care and management of diabetes

These courses are done in your own time at your own pace. They are all available in a workbook style with questions and some can be done online. Example of courses include;

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