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Curious about Adult maths?


If you are interested in building on your existing maths skills to bring them up to the demands of modern life and you would like to learn maths in an exciting and creative way, you might be interested in Citizen Maths.

The focus is on learning maths to help in practical and everyday situations.  If you are already at a reasonable level in maths (above Entry levels), and able to work independently without the support of a face to face tutor, then this offer may be for you!

Citizen Maths is online learning with an opportunity to share ideas and experiences with your fellow learners.  You will be able access videos led by friendly maths teachers and also use the online Apps.

To find out if you are at the right level and that this kind of maths learning for you.  There are a number of free maths initial assessments you can:

  • is a mini tests lasting about 10-15 minutes:
  • Learnmyway – is an up to date and more comprehensive assessment and this will take around 30 minutes.

To find out if this may be for you follow this link.

Of course, if you would like some advice on maths learning, please get in touch with our URTU Learning Team

Brush up your maths for free

Most of us know how to do straightforward maths. Then a task comes along and we can’t see how to use our simple maths to get to the answer we need. It feels just out of reach.

Like working out how many bags of cement you need to order to lay a concrete base for a new garage… or gauging percentages of a budget.




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Citizen Maths is an open resource anyone can use to discover how maths can be a powerful tool especially for solving those problems that come up at work, and in your life.

Nearly all of the course is accessible on smartphones and tablets. The text and all the videos will play, and can be used on the move.  However a small amount isn’t available on some mobile devices because it requires the Flash browser plugin, which is installed on almost all laptop and desktop PCs, but does not run on tablets and phones.  There is also a fair amount of text and numbers, sometimes in a spread sheet which would be hard to read on a small device, but the figures and text are as large as possible.

Getting to grips with Level 2 maths concepts in a hands-on way really requires some detailed working, which might be viable with larger tablets, but not with phones.  Better news though is the fact that this online maths course will cost you precisely zero!


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